[CfP] GIScience 2020 workshop: Three cultures

GIScience 2020 Workshop The social, the science and the humanities: Bridging three cultures of geographic information in the pandemic Workshop date & location: September 15, 2020 -- Poznań, Poland Submission deadline: 29 May 2020 Main conference: GIScience 2020 Web: https://sdesabbata.github.io/bridging-cultures-giscience-2020 Covid-19 update: This edition of the workshop will focus on the value of interdisciplinary interactions … Continue reading [CfP] GIScience 2020 workshop: Three cultures

UBEL Scholarships 2020 – Human Geography

UBEL funding is now open: https://ubel-dtp.ac.uk/eligibility/pathways/human-geography. A few notes for applicants: Check eligibility: "ESRC studentships are open to all UK applicants. Applicants are also eligible for a studentship if they have been an ordinary resident in the UK for three years prior to the start of the studentship grant. For instance, if the applicant applies … Continue reading UBEL Scholarships 2020 – Human Geography

Moving to open access in GIScience

See also my list of open access resources for GIScience. Open access is coming. The radical European Plan S is just the latest of major pushes to reform the current expensive and irrational model. Since the second half of the 20th century, academic authors have usually published without fees, while a handful of private publishers reap handsome … Continue reading Moving to open access in GIScience