Teaching material for geospatial Python

This year I developed new teaching resources aimed at MSc students in geographic data science. The technology stack includes Anaconda, Jupyter notebooks, and an array of open-source Python packages for geospatial analytics and machine learning. I put it all on GitHub at https://github.com/andrea-ballatore/teaching-programming-for-gis. Anaconda 3 logo As computer programming was one of the most feared … Continue reading Teaching material for geospatial Python

I put some open geospatial datasets on GitHub

I spent some time collecting open geospatial datasets to be used in an educational context. All original datasets are freely available online with open data licenses (see the dataset attribution for details). All the datasets in this repository have been selected, cleaned, harmonised, and repackaged in open formats (GeoJSON and GeoTiff) for GIS exercises in a higher-education context. This … Continue reading I put some open geospatial datasets on GitHub