Open Geospatial Datasets for GIS Education

This is a GitHub repository of open geospatial datasets to be used in an educational context. I created these files over years of teaching Geographic Data Science and GIS. All original datasets are freely available online with open data licenses (see the dataset attribution for details). All the datasets in this repository have been selected, cleaned, harmonised, and repackaged in open formats (GeoJSON and GeoTiff) for GIS exercises in a higher-education context. This is a pretty time-intensive process that other educators can hopefully avoid by using these versions.

Examples of datasets:

  • Ancient Roman Roads
  • Darmc Historical Shipwrecks 500 BCE – 1500 CE
  • Digital Elevation Models
  • Dmsp Ols Nighttime Lights 1995-2013
  • Eu Air Quality 2016
  • Eu Eurostat Indicators 2005-2020
  • Europe Boundaries 1914
  • Global Air Temperature 1950 2017
  • Global Historical Earthquakes 1000-1903
  • Global Precipitation 1950-2017
  • GPW Global Population Density 2000-2020
  • London Borough Profiles 2015
  • London Deprivation Index Wards 2019
  • London Openstreetmap Points Of Interest 2020
  • London Ward Profiles 2015
  • Los Angeles Census And Deprivation 2013
  • Tectonic Plates 2002
  • UK Brexit 2016
  • UK Local Authority Districts 2019
  • UK Local Authority Districts Cartogram 2019
  • UK Nations And Regions 2011
  • UK Population Estimates 1838-2016
  • World Bank Country Indicators 2000-2020

Do you know other open data suitable for GIS education? Contact me.

Last update: Jan 2021

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