Localizing content moderation in Facebook groups

Pleased to share this short paper written with Scott Rodgers et al. The paper is discussed in an excellent presentation by Liam McLoughlin: https://youtu.be/do_JWl1DZvs Abstract. This paper contributes to the burgeoning literature on content moderation by focusing on its practice in relation to localized social media contexts, an area which remains under-researched. It makes two … Continue reading Localizing content moderation in Facebook groups

Research project: Localizing Content Governance

This project is led by Dr Scott Rodgers (PI) in collaboration with Dr Susan Moore (Co-I) and Dr Andrea Ballatore (Co-I), funded by a grant from Facebook Research (USD 70,000). Localizing Content Governance in Place-named Facebook Groups (2020/21) is a systematic study into how Administrators and Moderators govern contributions in Facebook Groups relating to named … Continue reading Research project: Localizing Content Governance