Defining Natural Points of Interest

In this new short paper by our student Charlie Hewitt at GISRUK 2021, which will run online again later in April.

Abstract. This paper contributes to the working definition of natural points of interest (NPOI). We combine a theory-driven approach exploring existing definitions of points of interest and natural features and a data-driven approach in which we systematically assess data points from three separate data sources, proposing a set of criteria for the classification of natural points of interest.

Reference: Hewitt, Charlie, Ballatore, Andrea, Cavazzi, Stefano, De Sabbata, Stefano, & Tate, Nicholas. (2021). Defining Natural Points of Interest. Presented at the 29th Annual GIS Research UK Conference (GISRUK), Cardiff, Wales, UK (Online): Zenodo.

Article: [PDF]