Research project: Museums in the Pandemic

The Mapping Museums research team has been awarded £190,000 to investigate and analyse risk, closure, and resilience in the UK museum sector during the pandemic. 

Museums in the pandemic

The project combines qualitative and quantitative research, and it has three inter-related strands.  

  • Developing new ways to collect data on museums. We will use web-scraping techniques, natural language processing, and sentiment analysis to digitally track trends as they emerge. The data will be analysed with respect to museum characteristics – such as governance, location, and size – to provide a nuanced understanding of the sector at a given moment.  
  • Checking and validating the information generated by big data collection.  
  • Analysing the conditions that underpin risk, closure, and resilience through interview-based research.  

PI: Prof Fiona Candlin, Co-Is: Dr Andrea Ballatore, Prof Alexandra Poulovassilis, Dr Jamie Larkin

Funding: UKRI AHRC Rapid Response Scheme • Grant Ref: AH/V015028/1. 

Project website: